IFIP WG2.1 has continuing responsibility for Algol 60 and Algol 68. This page collects some information about those languages.

Algol Bulletin

Brian Wichmann has digitized back issues of The Algol Bulletin. He requests:
I am trying to contact authors of papers that have appeared in The Algol Bulletin, as I am starting to produce an electronic version and need to get the authors' permission to reproduce their copyright material digitally.

If you contributed to The Algol Bulletin, please contact me at Brian.Wichmann@bcs.org.uk or c/o Peta Walmisley, British Computer Society, 7 Mansfield Mews, London W1G 9NJ.
The whole archive is now freely available at the Computer History Museum. It is also accessible through the ACM Digital Library, who provide PDF documents of the many articles; but to access this resource you need to be an ACM DL subscriber (or create a free ACM account).

Language reports

N. Landsteiner of Mass:Werk in Austria has converted the Algol 60 Revised Report and Modified Report to HTML.

W. B. Kloke of The University of Dortmund has converted the Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 68 to HTML (and also to pdf and TeX). (In case these links are broken, there is a copy of the HTML version at BURKS.) A "completed and corrected" version of Kloke's HTML conversion is available at the Algol 68 Genie site; Algol 68 Genie is a GNU GPL'ed implementation of Algol 68 for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Other resources

Wikipedia has quote a lot of information about the Algol family of languages, with pages specific to Algol 60 and Algol 68. The Open Directory Project maintains a page about Algol 60 and another about Algol 68.

Paul McJones of the Software Preservation Group at the Computer History Museum maintains a collection of resources about Algol 58, Algol 60, and Algol 68.

Karl Kleine maintains a web page about historic documents in computer science, which includes some information on Algol 68.

Greg Nunan owns the domain name algol68.org, and maintains there a collection of Algol 68 resources.

The Ershov archives contain a lot of Algol 68 and IFIP WG 2.1 related material.

There is a LinkedIn group devoted to Algol68.

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