Profile of IFIP Working Group 2.1

This information brochure is an attempt to survey knowledge and expertise represented within IFIP Working Group 2.1. Some historic information can be found on Wikipedia.

WG2.1: Title, aim, scope and web-page

1.1 WG2.1 Title

IFIP Working Group 2.1 Algorithmic Languages and Calculi

1.2 WG2.1 Aim

To explore and evaluate new ideas in the field of programming, possibly leading to the design of new languages.

1.3 WG2.1 Scope

  1. The study of calculation of programs from specifications.
  2. The design of notations for such calculation.
  3. The formulation of algorithm theories, using such notations.
  4. The investigation of software support for program derivation.
  5. Continuing responsibility for ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68.

1.4 WG2.1 Web-pages

2 TC2 context

Within the IFIP hierarchy, WG2.1 is part of TC2.

3.1 WG2.1 meetings

  • #74 Glasgow, Scotland, June 13-17, 2016
  • #73 G\xF6teborg, Sweden, August 24-28, 2015
  • #72 Vermont, US, December 8-12, 2014
  • #71 Zeegse, The Netherlands, March 24-28, 2014
  • #70 Ulm, Germany, July 1-5, 2013
  • #69 Ottawa, Canada, October 8-12, 2012
  • #68 Rome, Italy, February 6-10, 2012
  • #67 Reykjavik, Iceland, May 23-27, 2011
  • #66 Atlantic City, USA, September 24-29, 2010
  • #65 Braga, Portugal, January 25-29, 2010
  • #64 Weltenburg, Germany, March 30 - April 3, 2009
  • #63 Kyoto, Japan, September 10-14, 2007
  • #62 Namur, Belgium, December 11-15, 2006
  • #61 Belek, Turkey, March 27-31, 2006
  • #60 Pajaro Dunes, USA, May 22-26, 2005
  • #59 Nottingham, England, September 6-10, 2004
  • #58 Rome, Italy, January 26-30, 2004
  • #57 New York City, USA, March 30 - April 3, 2003
  • #56 Ameland, The Netherlands, September 10-14, 2001
  • #55 Cochabamba, Bolivia, January 15-19, 2001

3.2 Other WG2.1 events

  • IFIP TC2 Working Conference on Domain-Specific Languages, St Anne's College, Oxford, July 15th to 17th 2009. [Walid Taha (ed), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 5658, Springer, 2008.]
  • IFIP TC2 Working Conference on Generic Programming, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, July 11th and 12th 2002. [J. Gibbons and J. Jeuring (eds), Generic Programming. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003.]
  • IFIP TC2 WG2.1 Working Conference on Algorithmic Languages and Calculi, Le Bischenberg, Alsace, France, February 17th to 22nd, 1997. [R.S. Bird and L.G.L.T. Meertens (eds), Algorithmic Languages and Calculi. Chapman & Hall, London, 1997.]
  • IFIP TC2/WG2.1/WG2.2/WG2.3 Working Conference on Programming Concepts, Methods and Calculi (PROCOMET 940), San Miniato, Italy, June 6th to 10th, 1994. [E.-R. Olderog (ed), Programming Concepts, Methods and Calculi. IFIP Trans. A-56. Amsterdam: North-Holland Elsevier, 1994.]
  • IFIP TC2 WG2.1 State-of-the-Art Seminar on Formal Program Development, Itacuru\xE7\xE1 Island, Brazil, January 10th to 18th, 1992. [B. M\xF6ller, H. Partsch, S. Schuman (eds), Formal program development. IFIP TC2/WG 2.1 State-of-the-Art Report. Lecture notes in computer science 755. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 1993.]
  • IFIP TC2/WG2.1 Working Conference on Constructing Programs from Specifications, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, May 13th to 16th, 1991. [B. M\xF6ller, (ed), Constructing programs from specifications. Amsterdam: North-Holland 1991.]
  • IFIP TC2/WG2.1 Working Conference on Program Specification and Transformation, Bad T\xF6lz, Germany, April 15th to 17th, 1986. [L.G.L.T.Meertens (ed), Proceedings of the IFIP-WG2.1 Working Conference on Program Specification and Transformation. Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1987.]

4 Officials

The group has a chairman and a secretary. Through the years, the following people acted as officials of the group, where the year denotes the year at which they started to serve.

Chairman Secretary Vice-chair
  Schrijvers (2016) Jeuring (2016)
Morgan (2015)    
    Dewar (2014-2015)
Gibbons (2009) Jeuring (2009)  
Meertens (1999)    
  Gibbons (1996)  
Smith (1994)    
Partsch (1988)    
King (1984)    
  Feather (1983)  
Dewar (1978) King (1978)  
Peck (1975) Bourne (1975)  
Paul (1969) Lindsey (1969)  
  Turski (1966)  
  Woodger (acting),
Randall (acting),
Turski (acting) (1964-1966)
Van der Poel (1962) Utman (1962)  

5 Awards

Members of the group have received several awards through the years, some of them related to the services for the group (with year of award in between parentheses).

  • IFIP Silver Core: Michael Woodger, Adriaan van Wijngaarden, Manfred Paul, Wlad Turski, Willem van der Poel, John Peck, Fritz Bauer (1974), Charles Lindsey (1977), Andrey Ershov (1980), Peter King (1986), Martin Feather (1989), Jeremy Gibbons, Lambert Meertens (2007).
  • IFIP Outstanding Service Award: Lambert Meertens (2015).
  • Turing Award: John McCarthy (1971), Edsger Wybe Dijkstra (1972), Robert W. Floyd (1978), C. Antony ("Tony") R. Hoare (1980), Niklaus E Wirth (1984), Peter Naur (2005).

6 List of research interests

(as communicated by the members)

Andrew Black ( no information available.

Ernie Cohen:
  • verified programming

Nils Anders Danielson ( no information available.

Jules Desharnais (
  • programming methodology
  • program specification and transformation
    • mathematics of program construction and analysis
    • notations for expressing and manipulating programs
  • relational and Kleene-algebraic methods in computer science

Jeremy Gibbons (
  • patterns in programming
  • notations for expressing and manipulating programs
  • algebraic approaches to programming
  • program calculation
  • model-driven development
  • generic, functional, object-oriented programming

Walter Guttmann (
  • relational and algebraic methods in computer science
  • program semantics
  • computation models
  • algorithm design
Fritz Henglein (
  • generic programming
  • functional programming
  • parallel programming
  • algorithm design
  • purely functional data structures
  • type systems

Ralf Hinze
  • generic programming
  • category theory
  • functional programming
  • Haskell
  • algorithm design
  • purely functional data structures
  • co-algebraic methods

Peter H\xF6fner ( no information available.

Zhenjiang Hu (
  • program calculation
  • functional programming
  • parallel programming
  • bidirectional programming

Graham Hutton (
  • reasoning about programs
  • functional programming
  • calculational methods
  • coalgebraic methods
  • recursion operators

Cezar Ionescu

Patrik Jansson (
  • long term goal: create systems (theories, programming languages, libraries and tools) which make it easy to develop reusable software components together with proofs of their correctness.
  • generic programs and proofs: theory and implementation
  • functional programming, semantics, modelling
  • dependent types in programming, type theory, constructive logic
  • specification driven software development
  • algebra of programming

Johan Jeuring (
  • generic programming
    • programming methodology
    • type systems
    • applications
  • domain reasoners
    • strategies
    • feedback
    • implementation
  • functional programming

Y. Annie Liu (
  • general and systematic methods and supporting tools for improving the efficiency and assuring the correctness of computations
  • program analysis and transformation for incremental computation and parallel/concurrent computation
  • applications in optimizing compilers, interactive environments, real-time and reactive systems, algorithm design, program development methods, databases, semantic web, security, and distributed systems

Andres L\xF6h (
  • functional programming
  • generic programming
  • Haskell
  • type systems
  • dependently typed programming
  • deterministic parallelism

Jos\xE9 Pedro Magalh\xE3es ( no information available.

Conor McBride ( ): no information available.

Lambert G. L. T. Meertens (
  • the investigation of the properties, feasibility, and usefulness of formalisms helping the specification and efficient construction of correct systems.

Bernhard M\xF6ller (
  • formal semantics
  • algebraic system calculation
  • infinite objects (theory and applications)
  • theory of parallelism and nondeterminacy
  • transformational program development
  • design of high-level language concepts
  • relational programming
  • Kleene algebra
  • modal algebra

Carroll Morgan (
  • specification and refinement
  • program development calculi
  • probabilistic programs/specifications/logic
  • calculi and games
  • refinement and security
  • quantitative information flow
  • electronic voting

Shin-Cheng Mu ( no information available.

Bruno Oliveira ( no information available.

Jos\xE9 Oliveira (
  • calculation of programs from formal specifications
  • algebraic techniques in programming
  • mathematics of program construction

Alberto Pardo (
  • programming methodology
  • program specification and transformation: algebraic approaches to programming and program calculation
  • generic programming
  • functional programming
  • semantics of programming languages
  • type theory

Tom Schrijvers (
  • functional programming

S. Doaitse Swierstra (
  • programming methodology
    • programming techniques, especially functional programming
    • program transformations techniques
    • type systems
    • attribute grammars
    • parser combinators and DSL techniques

Wouter Swierstra ( no information available.

Tarmo Uustalu (
  • functional programming
  • type theory
  • type systems and program logics

Janis Voigtl\xE4nder (
  • functional programming
  • program transformation
  • equational reasoning
  • types for programming and reasoning
  • semantics of programming languages

Meng Wang

Nicolas Wu

6 Members emeriti

Ed Ashcroft
Roland Backhouse
Richard S. Bird
Hendrik Boom
Raymond T. Boute
James M. Boyle
Martin S. Feather
Allen Goldberg
G. Goos
Eric Hehner
Philippe Jorrand
Peter R. King
Charles H. Lindsey
Helmuth Partsch
Manfred Paul
Peter Pepper
Alberto Pettorossi
Willem L. van der Poel
Stephen A. Schuman
Douglas R. Smith
Eiiti Wada

8 Deceased members

Members of the Group who died during their period of active membership.

Robert B. K. Dewar
Armando Haeberer
Barry Mailloux
Bob Paige
Michel Sintzoff
Dave Wile

9 Members through the years

Ashcroft, Edward A. [Ed]
Backhouse, Roland Carl
Bauer, Friedrich Ludwig [Fritz] (d 2015:03:26)
Bekić, Hans (d 1982:10:24)
Bird, Richard Simpson
Black, Andrew P.
Bolliet, Louis
Boom, Hendrik J.
Bourne, Steven R. [Steve]
Boussard, Jean-Claude
Boute, Raymond T.
Bowlden, Henry J.
Boyle, James M. [Jim]
Branquart, Paul (d 2009:08:14)
Cohen, Ernie
Currie, Ian F.
Dahlstrand, Ingemar
Danielsson, Nils Anders
Darlington, John
de Moor, Oegerikus [Oege]
Desharnais, Jules
Dewar, Robert B.K. (d 2015:06:30)
Dijkstra, Edsger Wybe (d 2002:08:06)
Duncan, Fraser
Ekman, Torgil
Erdwinn, Joel D.
Ershov, Andrei Petrovich {Ершов, Андрей Петрович} (d 1988:12:08)
Feather, Martin S.
Finance, Jean-Pierre
Floyd, Robert W. [Bob] (d 2001:09:25)
Garwick, Jan V. (d 1989:06:18)
Gibbons, Jeremy
Goldberg, Allen
Goos, Gerhard
Grau, Albert A.
Green, Julien
Gries, David
Guttmann, Walter
Haeberer, Armando (d 2003:02:11)
Hehner, Eric C.R. [Rick]
Henglein, Fritz
Hibbard, Peter G.
Hill, I. David
Hinze, Ralf Thomas Walter
Hoare, Charles Antony Richard [Tony]
H\xF6fner, Peter
Hu, Zhenjiang {胡振江}
Hutton, Graham
Ingerman, Peter Zilahy
Ionescu, Cezar
Irons, Edgar T. [Ned]
Jansson, Patrik
Jeuring, Johan T.
Jorrand, Philippe
J\xFCllig, Richard Konrad
Katz, Charles
Kerner, Immo Ottomar
King, Peter R.
Koster, Cornelis Hermanus Antonius [Kees] (d. 2013:03:21)
Landin, Peter John (d. 2009:06:03)
Lavrov, Svyatoslav Sergeevich {Лавров, Святослав Сергеевич} (d 2004:06:18)
Leroy, Henri
Lindsey, Charles Hodgson
Liu, Yanhong Annie [Annie]
Loeckx, Jacques
Lucas, Peter
L\xF6h, Andres
Magalh\xE3es, Jos\xE9 Pedro
Maibaum, Thomas Stephen Edward [Tom]
Mailloux, Barry James (d 1982:05:26)
Mazurkiewicz, Antoni
Małuszyński, Jan
McBride, Conor Thomas
McCarthy, John (d 2011:10:24)
Meertens, Lambert Guillaume Louis Th\xE9odore
Merner, Jack N.
Meulen, Sietse G. (d 2014:03:09)
Morgan, Charles Carroll [Carroll]
Moriguti, Sigeiti {森口繁一} (d 2002:10:02)
Mu, Shin-Cheng {穆信成}
M\xF6ller, Bernhard
Naur, Peter (d 2016:01:03)
Nivat, Maurice
Oliveira, Bruno C\xE9sar dos Santos
Oliveira, Jos\xE9
Pacelli, Mauro
Paige, Robert Allan [Bob] (d 1999:10:05)
Pardo, Alberto
Partsch, Helmuth
Paul, Manfred
Peck, John E.L. (d 2013:11:06)
Pepper, Peter
Pettorossi, Alberto Donato
Randell, Brian
Ross, Douglas Taylor [Doug] (d 2007:01:31)
Runciman, Colin
Rutishauser, Heinz (d 1970:11:10)
Sall\xE9, Fran\xE7ois
Samelson, Klaus (d 1980:05:25)
Schrijvers, Tom
Schuman, Stephen A. [Steve]
Schwartz, Jacob Theodore [Jack] (d 2009:03:02)
Seegm\xFCller, Gerhard
Sharir, Micha
Simizu, Tomesaburo {清水留三郎}
Sintzoff, Michel (d 2010:11:28)
Smith, Douglas R. [Doug]
Swierstra, Sjoerd Doaitse [Doaitse]
Swierstra, Wouter
Turner, David A. [Dave]
Turski, Władysław Marek [Wlad] (d 2013:07:18)
Utman, Richard E. [Dick]
Uustalu, Tarmo
Uzgalis, Robert Charles [Buz] (d 2012:03:19)
van der Meulen, Sietse G.
van der Poel, Willem Louis
van Wijngaarden, Adriaan [Aad] (d 1987:02:07)
Vauquois, Bernard
von Karger, Burghard
Voigtl\xE4nder, Janis
Wada, Eiiti {和田英一}
Wang, Meng
Wegstein, Joseph Henry
Wile, David Sheridan [Dave] (d 2015:08:26)
Wirth, Niklaus Emil
Woodger, Michael [Mike]
Wu, Nicolas
Yoneda, Nobuo {米田信夫} (d 1996:04:22)

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