WG2.1 has an observer category of participant, among others. An observer is typically a researcher of at least postdoctoral status, whose work is of interest to the group; the intention is that they might subsequently be invited to become a member. Each observer has a member of the Group as a sponsor; the sponsor's responsibilities are set out in the following message, sent on the observer's invitation.
Dear MEMBER, Following your proposal, OBSERVER has been invited as observer for the next WG2.1 meeting in PLACE and DATES. Are you prepared to act as their sponsor? The Group's convention is that sponsoring members should make sure that new (and indeed old) observers understand what is expected of them in a Working Group meeting. In particular, new observers should be aware of the fact that observers are supposed to participate, that the typical style of conference presentation is not appropriate, that the topic of their proposed presentation should be within the scope of the Working Group, and that the Group has a peculiar scheduling procedure for presentations. This information is contained in the information package observers receive with the invitation, and can also be found on the web site. We expect sponsoring members to verify that the observers sponsored by them are aware of these conventions, and to give them any further information, advice or guidance that they may be able to use to their (and our) advantage. We want to attract the best people in the field, in the expectation that they can contribute to the focus activities of the Group; this requires that they have the right understanding of what is considered a valuable contribution, and what is not. It is appropriate and desirable that the sponsoring member actively engages with the observer to achieve this goal. This might involve the sponsor shepherding the observer's preparation before a meeting, especially concerning the appropriate choice of topic and manner of presentation, and corresponding constructive feedback during the course of the meeting. SIGNED

-- JeremyGibbons - 05 May 2010
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